Leaf or bug? Angle-winged katydid from the genus Microcentrum on the southern live oak, Quercus virginiana. #camouflage #crypsis https://t.co/j0U2WaitfR scottpegan photo
Interested to learn what you can discover about nature right out your backdoor? Join @RosemaryMosco, an award winning cartoonist/author/illustrator, and me, an award winning weirdo who collects sticks & rotting fruits to see what crawls out! Sat. (10/23), 2:15pm CST. (1/n) https://t.co/NzIneS7zFC scottpegan photo
What did I just get on my hand? Spittle bug spittle or giant pile of human spit? Normally, I see a frothy light substance protecting our local spittle bugs, but this mucilaginous discharge on live oaks exhibits a much more viscous texture. 🥴🤢🤮 #insects #bugs https://t.co/VEmJH4UM1H scottpegan photo
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